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Let's Make Something Together.

We are a team of creative producers, directors, editors, artists, and technologists creating groundbreaking content and experiences for clients that include Beyoncé, L’Oréal, Nike, Madonna, Mercedes, Beats, and Kendrick Lamar. With our 360º production approach, we help our clients hurdle the toughest challenges in technology and logistics, always living in the solution.

Let's Finish Something Together.

Post is in our DNA. Half of our team comes from the post world and all of us understand it intrinsically. As the demand to see projects through completion has risen, so have our post production services and capabilities.  We’ve developed custom beauty solutions that have been used by some of the worlds biggest artists and brands, managed impossible deadlines in new formats and pride ourselves on execution.

Our state-of-the-art facility includes a client friendly offline editorial and color suite with 5.1 surround mixing capabilities, as well as VFX and graphics stations offering the full gamut in post production. A team of post producers, assistants and techs support our talented post/editorial roster and collaborators. As our services are often required beyond NYC and LA, we’ve become experts on building remote teams and systems, traveling teams around the world to complete projects wherever needed.

Let's ExperienCe Something Together.

In a world of ever evolving media landscapes where audiences are continually being exposed to new sources of passive content, one thing still rings true: people deeply crave shared experiences.

We pride ourselves on breaking free from traditional executions in order to create something unique. By working hand in hand with our clients to combine innovative creative with bleeding edge technology we create bold new experiences ranging from immersive theatre to interactive holographic fashion shows.

We’ve developed an unquenchable thirst to push the limits and continually remind ourselves that anything is possible.

Let's Work Together.

We’ve teamed up with the biggest production companies around the globe, Hollywood feature film directors, celebrities and agency creatives to realize everything from concert visuals to car commercials; run-and-gun to massive productions. Kids, cars, animals, explosions, drones, stunts - we’ve done just about everything. We even got a tank into Central Park, then exploded 100 gallons of paint on it.

We’ve filmed all across the United States and around the world. We’re always looking for the next exciting challenge. When you’re with us, you are in good company.